How To Get Rid of Spring Allergies for Good!

by X Gold Health on August 03, 2021

I’m a summer girl through and through, and I am always waiting for the long Utah Winter’s to be over and Spring to finally arrive! Spring isn’t always so glamourous for me though. I get awful spring allergies and they can be a doozie for sure. I first noticed them when I moved away to college at age 18 and they’ve pretty much been with me ever since (except when I moved to Wyoming for a few years which strangely enough alleviated my allergy symptoms!) Once I was back in Utah though, the allergies resumed this time with incredible force.

I was desperate to get rid of the allergies for good. I hated being stuck inside when the weather finally warms up because I didn’t want to deal with the itchy eyes and mouth, sneezes, runny nose, and congestion! I found it better to just stay inside and avoid the outdoors as much as possible while I watched out the window as my neighbors happily enjoyed BBQs, gardening, and walking the dog while soaking up the warm, sunny weather! My MO has pretty much been to avoid the outdoors from March until June.

This is no way to live, I assure you, and if you suffer from seasonal allergies yourself, you understand my pain.

Luckily, I recently got to try out an awesome new supplement, Quercetin from X Gold Health, that has me out enjoying the warm Spring weather every day without any hint of an allergy! Yep, EVERY DAY, and absolutely NO Allergy symptoms! I couldn’t be more relieved or happier! 

Quercetin Bromelain from X Gold Health offers incredible allergy support while also helping with many other health issues, including:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Immune support
  • Supporting the respiratory system
  • Helping reduce hypertension
  • Help reduce high cholesterol
  • Can help Fight Heart Disease
  • Can also help with some forms of Cancer
  • Helps those suffering from Asthma or allergy symptoms


See my Video Review of Quercetin from X Gold Health HERE! 

Quercetin from X Gold Health uses only high-quality ingredients that are made right here in the USA. X Gold Health Vitamins and Supplements has serious concerns for our planet and strives to use only sustainable ingredients and make products that are eco-friendly and good for both you and the planet! Quercetin works like an antioxidant for the body with multiple proven benefits, it neutralizes free radicals and helps to fight off severe disease. It’s backed by tons of scientific research as well! 

I’ve been taking Quercetin for the last 3 weeks now and I can’t believe how much it’s helped with my allergies! I haven’t had ANY allergy symptoms at all! By this time of year, I usually have an incredibly itchy mouth and tongue, every time I step foot outside and often times just wake up with it even though I sleep with the windows closed to prevent any pollen or allergy-inducing nastiness into my house! My left eye also waters like crazy and I usually wake up congested or have a little trouble sleeping because my nose is clogged at night. Ugh! 

Since taking 2 capsules of Quercetin daily, I’ve felt amazing and had no itchy mouth or tongue, congestion, or itchy eyes! I’ve only had a few coughs or sneezes (extremely minimal – like maybe once or twice a day!) and that’s it! And I noticed results right away, even on the first day of taking my Quercetin! Pretty crazy right?! 

Well as you can guess, I don’t go a day without using it! And when fall comes around and my Fall allergies come on (which tend to be even worse than my spring allergies), you can bet I’ll be back on the Quercetin once again to provide strong, daily allergy relief! I’ve been so happy to be outside in the sun enjoying warm weather again! My boyfriend and I recently got Electric Scooters I’ve thankfully been able to ride several times a week without any allergy symptoms or worries, thanks to my Quercetin from X Gold Health!

If you suffer from seasonal allergies at all, I highly recommend trying Quercetin from X Gold Health! You won’t be disappointed! I’ve been telling all my friends and family about it, because they’ve already been asking why I’ve been spending so much time outside this Spring – when they know I usually avoid it like the plague so I’m not dealing with my own plague- Spring Allergies!

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