Why Organic Maca Root is Best to Supplement Your Energy

by . . on January 09, 2019
From the Andes Mountains in Peru, maca root, known scientifically as Lepidium Meyenii, is an incredible superfood that you can use for better health. It comes in a variety of colors from black to yellow to red and is ideal for boosting your energy.
Interestingly, it’s a cruciferous vegetable, just like broccoli, kale, cabbage, and cauliflower. The Peruvians have been making great use of this root for culinary and medicinal uses for ages.
Wondering why you should include our Organic Maca Root in your diet? It has some truly fantastic benefits!
It’s amazingly nutritious
Maca root powder is called a superfood for good reason. It is high in protein and good carbs, plus it delivers plenty of vitamin C and minerals like copper and iron.
It naturally boosts energy
In it’s purest and organic form as we use it in our supplements, it gives you a natural boost of energy. Don’t bring harm to yourself taking formulas that are riddled with synthetic ingredients.
It has 3 different colors of maca root
Each color of maca root offers different benefits. Instead of making a supplement out of just one of them, we’ve combined red, yellow, and black maca roots, all organically-grown, to give you the maximum health benefits.
It contains black pepper for maximum absorption
Because of the bioavailability in piperine, found in black pepper, it has the power to help your body absorb the nutrients it receives more efficiently. In other formulas, your body misses much of what it needs because there is no black pepper to help naturally open your body up to it.
It gives you the energy for everything you love
Whether you’re tired from working all the time, or you’re unable to keep things stimulating in the bedroom, our Organic Maca Root powder can help give you the power to do everything. Have more natural energy each day to enjoy life. Have better workouts with more stamina, and have more vigor, enhanced performance, and increases your fertility in moments of intimacy. It opens your body up to better circulation and better health.
It helps your immunity, inner strength, and balance
Our Organic Maca Root powder isn’t just for men. Women have found it to help balance hormones and keep moods level. It’s also great for boosting immunity and strengthening bones, something we all need.
Best of all, you can take our brand with confidence because it has been proudly made in the USA and is registered with the FDA. We’re Certified Organic, non-GMO, vegetarian- and vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and we never use synthetic fillers. You get the purest grade of maca powder to help you live a purer quality of life more energetic.